tiny songs

by mono polly

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dedicated to the man the myth the pleiadian sean hofmockel, you've always been a huge inspiration to me in a lot ways, and i still am at a loss sometimes when thinking it over but i know you're in a better and happier place now so hey man im content, go listen to sean hofmockel on soundcloud rn it's dope

next release honestly sounds a lot more like im trying to almost directly copy his style so thats cool i hope he appreciates that whilst riding his golden board

the concept of 'tiny songs' came when i was listening to a lot of Oaklandazulasylum by WHY? and Carol Cleveland Sings, they are master of creating songs that i would consider.. tiny.. and i wanted to do that

artwork by the fabulous Demi Park www.instagram.com/bbgrmm/

features samples of:
Brian Wilson - Surfs Up (a capella)
Giles Corey - Blackest Bile
Reaching Quiet - She Aint Gonna Call You Back (pt 1)

the album loops when you download it


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


mono polly San Diego, California

music to listen to with your eyes closed

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Track Name: Smile Down
i've been wondering about you
i've been wandering without you
take heed my blade is made from many forked tongues

i hope the gods
smile down
upon me
Track Name: Portrait of a Beauty
you aint even gotta talk to me
baby you aint gotta talk to me
just lay down and rock for me
just lay down and rock for me

you aint even gotta look at me
you aint even gotta look at me
you just gotta cook for me
you just gotta cook

i dont mind
what you choose to leave behind
what you did with all your lines
after the show

i recall
what was once my greatest fall
what i did that night in fall
when you got home

flash back to the past for me
flash back to the past for me
baby i dont like the masterpiece
baby i dont like your masterpiece

i think that you're doing right
but you gotta look into the light
look into the light (look into the light)

ooh you dont know
baby how could you know
you wont ever know
if you

keep looking like that
baby get on your back
Track Name: tiny songs [an intermission by yours truly]
this is your host
you're listening to tiny songs
Track Name: LURID
is there a word
for when your friends will not wake up
walking thru the suburbs alone
looking thru the windows of elderly folk homes
creepy messages on walls
tall boys screaming but nothing comes out
i have doubt

is there a word
that means everythings so absurd
that everyone
following behind you making snide remarks
just like a fox
eveyones a fox

is there a word
for when your friends are broken down
hiding in some other town
pretending to be neighborhood milkmen

is there a word
when no one listens to your songs
when all you do is smoke the bong
drink absurd amounts of water

is there a word
when everything you do is wrong
when no one cares if youll survive the winter
if youll survive the summer

is there a word
is there a word
i'd like to know
Track Name: 짜다
I've been
in and out
Track Name: A Most Twisted Gift
she grabs a mug from off the top shelf
crinkled papers to her right, "oh, morning pa!"
takes a seat next to him at the table
reads a few pages out of her favorite book

after breakfast, she thinks "i should hit up bobby"
"its my birthday after all, should have some fun"
scrolls thru contacts, picks the one with the red heart
presses call, waits a while, no response

a little odd, he always answers
ok, well he only lives a block away
grabs her bike and puts her feet down on the pedals
begins her ride, and looks around "such a lovely day!"

opens the door, and calls out "bobby!"
sees the box where he keeps his fathers gun
makes her way to the bedroom, peeks around the open door
shotgun shells on the floor!
bobby's also on the floor!

tears begin to flow freely
she sees his swan song on the desk
picks it up and runs out of the house screaming
"happy birthday babe, love bobby"
Track Name: Paradiso
you didnt have to do it
you had so much time
you didnt have to do it
you weren't even in your prime

you couldve moved away
couldve gone out to denver
you couldve got away
couldve said see ya later

you had so much promise
so good at everything you tried
amazing little tunes
and god damn could you ride

i get that you were hurting
i get that you were sad
but damn it my guy
was it really so bad

didnt you have skating
didnt you have guitar
didnt you have people
who love you for who you are

i hope youre doing better
i know youre doing better
at least youre doing better
at least youre doing better

up there in paradise
up there in paradise