Overwrought Despondence

by mono polly

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    hi! if you download it, you get a track from the album 'an asterian odyssey', released april 20th, 2016 :O

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personal ep, pretty dark pretty fun

was listening to Paralytic Stalks alot

my debut album 'an asterian odyssey' to be released 4/20/16

hope you enjoy it, really :)


released December 16, 2015

p much all sounds - mono polly
vox on bonus track - shelly shawnston



all rights reserved


mono polly San Diego, California

your dreamy pop boy

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Track Name: kissin kate (k.b.) Barlow
i dont know where i am anymore
i cant get anything done
maybe i have a mental block
maybe im no good

a common theme it seems is that i need help but i dont think thats true anymore
i looked at the books, i looked at my shelf and read - i discovered something more
i think that im ok with myself, think i need to live with myself;
accept what i am, accept what i have, learn to live and be glad like you - how do you do it so positive, i dont know baby girl youre a positive
so empowering, baby girl im showering in your love
things you do.. its insane what you do insane to me.. how you do what you do to me, you do to everyone cause..

i dont know who you are anymore
maybe theres a personality defect
i cant figure it out though
can you please help me out though

its true, everytime im looking at you
its like im looking at somebody new, my heart races my face melts
i look at you and i cant spell; im thinking about everything you do everything you say everything you lay down on the ground, paving the way for people like me
i love the way you stalk me
im paralyzed everytime youre talking
im lousy for you, im no good for you
i need you to be my #1 too, baby boo
how do you do what you do?
i dont know i wish i could do everything i do everything you do is magical youre amazing bro

i dont know who i am anymore
i've lost myself along the way
i dont think you can help me
why cant anyone help me
Track Name: Dave Veltri (encore)
and when the sun comes out i'd cry for you
and if i dont know what to do
i'll sing my eyes out for you... for you
a hundred days have passed since i last saw you and they're not much better
i tried to be something but i cant for you so i'll be my own friend
a hundred times i've called to you and if i see i see your number
im in the room she's in the bed oh you're so grand oh you're so grand
where is your heart you dont care (you dont care)
i'd rather be nothing new but to you (to youu)
show me your open arms and open eyes
lead me to your open ears and eyes
everytime i try to be you
everything that i, i tried to see you left for me (you left for me)
i'm one of you, you're not one for me
youre my wonderwoman youre one i see
im alone tonight im drinking tonight (im drinking tonight)
i dont know who you are to me but you are crazy (youre so crazy)
Track Name: a song for someone i know
everytime i said goodbye
you thought nothing of it
if i tried to compromise
could you really gain anything from it
100 times i tried to find something new
but you never did
you left me alone
now youre on the phone
wanting to come home
if i really tried, i'd find you oh
leave me alone
leave me aloone
leave me alooone
she told me you would be here
i guess thats bull shit
i guess thast bulll....
i asked if you would lve me alone
but youll never go
get out of my sight
im not meant for this light
you gotta go
you gotta goo
you gotta gooo
no, this IS for you
you gotta go~~
Track Name: It Was Beautiful There, In The Cabin
if i swore that i knew you would you see me any different
if i told you i dont know all, would change the song
please dont talk, we're unsure of each other
i told you i already know where you're coming from
and where you're going
what does it mean (x a few times)
if you told me i know what it means, i'd act surprised and say what does it mean
even in moments of fear i turn to you
let avey guide you through
i need spiritual cleansing
what does it mean
i'm not your guy
[purposefully difficult to decipher]

it burned down yesterday no one was inside
they played mind games from their thrones for those that would listen
the optimist smiles, the optimist smiles the optimal smile
perfect precision
top form, top dollar
i left my daughter in the sun and she hardly even melted
i've never noticed the way the light shined on your teeth
your toothy grin ahhh

mystical beings
they sit, they dream
they are ... (you)
no one is too alike
no one is too alike
Track Name: even dancing cant save me :(
if i forgive your treason
dont let it be for no reason
come on
each passing day leaves
100 memories, come on
move your body to the funky beat
its left me feeling defeat, come on
i threw my bible out, now i have doubt
if i forget to leave the light on

[[... below the lyrics i've written "I'm not sure how much longer i can be the ringleader of your emotional circus... the hurt i feel from your hurt... i wish i couldnt make you sad" ...]]