mono polly's "in Love"

by mono polly

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A psychedelic journey through electronic, dreamy melodic fields - designed to hypnotize and mesmerize; ; ; loved and loved and loved.. full of bubbly synths, pulsating bass lines, twisted guitarS, smooth electronic chords, goofy yet heartfelt singing; delay driven, reverb drenched fuzzy textured and dreamy, mono polly really gives it his all with this cute album full of more or less 'Love Songs'


released September 12, 2016

background vocals on 'You': Tombhead
sample on 'best friendsz': goodneighborstuff - keyboard
everything else: mr polly himself
artwork: melanie grabill



all rights reserved


mono polly San Diego, California

your dreamy pop boy

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Track Name: You
if you
ever took the time to
listen to my rhymes you'd
realize they're almost all about you

but you don't pay attention
to the
little details
cosmic climax

cause girl
i'd bake bread for you
i'd play dead for you
i'd shave my head for you

there's so much that we talk about
we could scream and shout
i'd still have no doubt that you
and me could be some thing
im sure we'd be
so happy

cause i would lose my mind for a second of your time
just a second of your time

in the heat of the moment
i'd lie for you
darling i'd cry for you
i'd probably die for you
Track Name: Kiss Me/Honey
i like how this goes, lets keep this going.. this sounds good.. ya
i need to let you know that im not so sure what you are about
but what i do know.. is i need you to..
KISS ME.. i need you to kiss me baby
KISS ME.. i need you to kiss me baby
so now you're talking about all the things that make me scream and shout
the first on that list.. is i want your..
KISS ME.. i need you to kiss me baby
KISS ME.. i need you to kiss me baby
KISS ME.. oh, you wanna take it slow?
so now you're talking bout LOML.. but you dont know
what you're talking bout.. you're just talking bout the past
and it will pass, and we will laugh at all the times you've had
and we will have the perfect laugh.. but for now i need you to..
KISS ME.. i need you to kiss me baby
KISS ME.. you need to kiss me baby
KISS ME.. thank you.. thank you for listening
mono polly's "in Love".. im in love.. IM IN LOVE
you're so ridiculously pretty.. you make me feel something..
different inside.. you're so sweet like honey...
you're like honey..
so sweet like honey..
like honey, to me
Track Name: Lovers in the Garden
dont do this baby
i still believe in angels

i know in the future
you will be my angel

dont do this to me
dont treat me
like i dont mean it

dont say you need me
unless you
believe it

i've seen all these things
and i believe
we got this

and i cant seem to shut my eyes i need to just reply i need to go fly away

dont do this for me
do it cause
you need to

and i cant seem to shut my eyes i need to just reply i need to just fly away
Track Name: Believe Me
you say you had a rough day at work
some guy was a jerk
he made you feel so weak
and measly

i say hunny thats too bad
go over to you start rubbin your back
you need some tlc
and pleasing

now its time for us to
choose what we lose our minds to
then begin by rubbin you

enticing touches, you and me
a little rubbin, between the sheets
girl i love what you're doing to me

we lay in bed and hold hands
we both are feeling rather grand
now we're pleased and listfully believing

emotions cant get between
im not sure what you mean
i cant handle this energy

now its time for us to
choose what we start our fight to
begin by makin fun of you fun of you

awkward silences, you and me
little innappropriate between the sheets
girl i cant believe what youre doing to me

i think we both know whats going on
its time to end whats going on
i've said it before but now its a song ..believe me
Track Name: nathan rendler
let me tell you bout the last time that i went home alone
my hair was overgrown, my mindstate overblown
i'm sure i've been in similar states before,
its not that absurd,
its not hard to observe
my senses at the time were rather wasted in design
im so twisted in my mind
im so twisted down the line
its cause of you i cant do anything now
i cant get out my house
im stuck inside my mouth and now
cause of you i cant even leave my room
i cant go out for run
i cant leave even to say hello to no one
theres nothing left inside my heart
im gone
a broken man
with a broken van
im driving west im headed out to california
i hope its better there
i hope the weathers fair, they say
its the golden state
make no mistake though
its not gold i seek
but redemption
i seek attention
mostly affection
i need affection honey
because of you i cant even leave my room
i cant go out no noo
i cant even leave my room to say goodbye
Track Name: How Can You Be Sad When There's So Many Colors
look inside see the mountains calling you
you've been lost for a while
youre so smart, youre so charming, interesting
you seem to be in denial

and i cant get your eyes out of my mind
and i wont let your lies get out of line

its so typical for you to try and say its all
genetic chaos
when in reality you can look around at all the good
and feel the color in sound

and i cant get your eyes out of my mind
and i wont let your lies get out of line

i sweaarr its so tyyppiical
youu dont care but yet you go
dont try to test me i wont go
dont try to test meee ohhh
no one has ever discovered
this magical cavern
bring out the fairies
fairies come home
Track Name: best friendsz
you're my best friend
Track Name: Conscious Loving
did you ever get a chance to look out the window
did you ever take a chance on falling in love the right way
the thing about love is that it is impossible to decipher
there is no code no rules no real thought
at its core it remains pure emotion
conscious loving
Track Name: God Needs Angels
in the desert theres a lincoln
check the console its a beacon
sent from heaven make no exception
i need angels like god needs angels

leave me to my own devices i'll find peace in little nices
my good brother sent me a message
dont go home unless god needs angels

im so sorry
i ... dont know why

theres nothing left so lets get out
lets get out
get out
Track Name: total love meltdown
you're so sweet.. to me

dont let go of me
i dont need no one but me
so go get out let me be
it doesnt matter that you're so sweet to me

im so sorry
Track Name: U / C / Me
you dont see me.. you only see what you think you see
you dont see me.. you only see what you think you see
i cant see you.. i cant see you, nor would i want to!
you dont see me.. you just see what you think of me

the guest stands and looks confused..
"i hope you find help boy!!"
i try to look amused
but i need help boy

you cant believe.. the things you see
take that from me
dont need..
you dont need..
a thing from me

you cant see me
you dont even need me
dont test the waters
dont test the waters
you dont see me
Track Name: Island of Lost Toys
as i went out that night i found myself with slight hesitation, running my fingers thru your hair
the stars they shine so bright and left little shapes in decoration upon the bottom of your face
i swore that i could never leave you right, i'd be by your side
the sun it shook me to my core
with hundreds of memories i left the sun inside i left the moon disguised by something i cant recognize
the wurly twurly place that you call your inner sanctum, it made me feel so cold inside
i looked around in wonder, i felt the the lightning/thunder but couldnt get you to open your eyes
as we danced the moon took the shape of 100 eyes, 100 eyes
the wind it swept off your feet
still i couldnt take a chance on anything, on anything!
couldnt bring myself to kiss you, your eyes shone like diamonds
then the moon sat gently weeping, we were weeping
the island of lost toys
familiar faces ran like memories through sycamore trees
i left the room family guy style
and as we dance the moon it left the room, just me and you
the wind it swept you off yor feet