Dream Land

by mono polly

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A fantastical 'musical' of YOUR (yes YOUR!!) journey through a night of dreaming... to follow the story of the musical, look at the bottom of the lyrics, the story bits are written [like this].. thanks!!

Back when I was absolutely obsessed with dreams, the concept of the dreams the dreamy imagery the sound, etc.. (i still am a bit) I made this album, consisting of hazy synth pads, ghastly vocals, playful (yet spooky!!) melodies, trippy arpeggios ETC.... this was made in between "in Love" (lets say 2/16) and "Acting Shady" (7/16), so sometime during those few months.. so you can see a bit of the acting shady sound popping thru, maybe in terms of the lack of autotune (exc towards the end) and uhh.. idk its really a lot of fun i hope you LIKE it

artwork by mono polly

shouts out to hiatus rooke tomb nig ein bink the whole team lets get out there and really get things moving maybe


released October 19, 2016



all rights reserved


mono polly San Diego, California

your dreamy pop boy

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Track Name: Welcome to Dream Land
welcome to dream land
my name's mono polly
nice to meet you :]
you're gonna have
a lot of fun here
i mean..
its dream land!
the songs herea re
kind of spaced out
a little /TRIPPY/
definitely cute..
i dunno..
welcome to dream land
i hope you have fun

[an ethereal voice calls to you, beckoning you to join in the fun in the love in the great time of dream land.. welcome!!! *inspo - intro to WavyLights actually]
Track Name: Bedtime Stories
girl what is you on bout
the world outsides going crazy i need some iodine to relax my mind
we're turning this club out
this easy baking going leisure day is shaking up to be a booty quake occasion

everytime i see you in the dark i think
you're turned around.. turned around
but they shine the light and i come to find
you're not around... you're not around
i am made from heaven's waste
im lost inside your eyes

the you in me's in, the human me's out i cant be loud.. when you're around
the you in me's in, the human me's out i can be proud.. cause you're around

girl what is the hold up
this pickle pickin little dick is sick enough to turn this picnic into business bitches snitchin
my friends are all fuck ups
we're easily turning 33 with some THC in our bloodstream

everytime i think you're looking right at me
your eyes are down.. your eyes are down
i ask you twice if you feel alright
you dont respond
i've embraced my resting place, i'm not afraid to die

the you in me's in, the human me's out i cant be loud.. when you're around
the you in me's in, the human me's out i can be proud.. cause you're around
the you in me's in, the human me's out i cant be loud.. when you're around
the you in me's in, the human me's out i can be proud.. cause you're around

[easy going bedtime sleepy sleepy a dreamy and dreary introduction as you enter the land.. imagine something like cute storybook characters fun and sweet and bouncing around you.. *inspo - Eskimo Snow by WHY?]
Track Name: lil lullaby
little girl
fall asleep
fall asleep
its easy

fall asleep
enter dreams
enter dreams
its easy

fall asleep
fall asleep
fall asleep
its easy

while you sleep
you will dream
and it will be

fall asleep
fall asleep
welcome to dream land

[zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *inspo - Just You from Twin Peaks]
Track Name: Drifting Thru a Muted Color
[you start to float away.. drifting slowly at first, looking around seeing the lovely lights the muted warmth embracing you.. suddenly it begins with a few quick thumps and you're rocketed into a sunlit field, soaring thru endless bundles of daisies, loving every moment.. *inspo - idk dreamy hip hop beats]
no more running
no more talking
no more need for

no more running
no more hiding
no more need for

no more running
no more talking
no more need for

no more running
no more hiding
no more need for

[... til suddenly you realize you've no control at all.. you're floating thru, its not to bad its okay but you cant protect yourself, you're at the mercy of this world around you luckily its not too bad not too scary maybe a little NEW so it feeels.... different.. but manageable.. its all good until a man with a red coat and a spooky top hat accosts you... *inspo - No More Running by Animal Collective and Dance SONGS]
Track Name: NIGHTMARE Land
welcome to nightmare land
where no one's safe
and nothing's grand

welcome to nightmare land
where you'll be scared
all dayyyyyy

you'll have to run away
nightmare land i gonna get you

dont worry baby
we'll be out soon
its just the nightmare room its not

dont worry baby
we'll get out of here
just let go of fear and you'll
see clear

dont worry baby
its lucid now
i'll see you in the clouds it's
dream town

dont worry baby we'll get out of here
just let go of fear and you'll
see clear

dont try to run away
im not your friend
im here to scare ya

its just the nightmare way
we're not mean
just like to spook ya

you will die here now
and there's nothing you
can do about it

i'm not your friend
im here to say
its your end

dont worry baby
its not really here
its just the nightmare fear
dont let it rear

ugly head
inside of your bed
you're stronger than it
dont ever quit

worry baby
its lucid now
i'll see you in the clouds its
dream town

dont worry baby we'll get out of here
just let go of fear and you'll
see clear

ya.. get down
get down to the nightmare sound

dont worry baby
its just a nightmare
nothing's real baby
its just a nightmare

[the man in the red coat and top hat guides you to a relatively wonderful looking place, but once inside the gates shut behind you with a menacing crash and darkness begins to envelope your entire vision.. he turns to you slowly and begins to sing... *inspo - For the Benefit of Mr Kite by The Beatles and just carnival style songs altogether]
Track Name: drowning drowning drowning
[.. he sings to you.. and while the unnamed hero's words calm you a bit, you find that there's nothing you can do and your hope begins to fade entirely.. as the negativity sets in, frightful thoughts emerge, scarier than you'd like to face... and you realize there's nothing to do but accept it and ride out the wave.. a feat that seems nearly impossible.. *inspo - Time Station by Soichi Terada]
Track Name: Memories of U (Restore My Faith)
you're everything I've ever wanted
you're everything I need
I can't believe you care for me
I can't believe you're there for me

[.. but a light shines thru.... despite the darkness, despite the fear... a golden ray peeks through it all and suddenly.. its not quite as dark. suddenly its not nearly as scary... its more than manageable.. it's rather lovely.. *inspo - Twin Peaks Theme by Angelo Badalamenti]
Track Name: cherry tree
cant believe i found you
now im all around u
and your eyes they shine so bright
they make me feel this feeling
i find it so appealing
now u got me reeling can we please just stop this film and
go to the beginning
i saw you walking thru the night
you looked like lite
you looked like color and life
and everything im needing
emotionally bleeding
now im feeling a feeling
like you got me snug and tight inside of your cobwebs
i can sleep well at night
knowing you treat me so right
girl you treat me right
but im a bad bad guy
all i do is lie
im a cherry tree
im a cherry tree
please just cut me down
cut me down
washington to me treat me like a cherry tree please and
cut me down down down
just cut me down down
ypire cuttin me down
treat me like a cherry tree please
cut me down

[warmth and color are restored to you to your life to your love, its a wonderful time to be here dreaming in this moment with you, my sweetheart.. *inspo - Carol Cleveland Sings]
Track Name: Like You Believe in God
believe in me like you believe in God
you dont believe in God
you just got
heaven on your mind

so believe in me like you believe in yourself
but you got no self
to believe in well

believe in me like i believe in you
but you've never seen it so how
can you know its true?

so believe in me like its
your only choice

[you've found a once close friend in this realm, someone you remember deeply in some cabinet of your mind but whom you cant entirely recall... they look more lost than you ever have, and you beg for them to trust you so you can save them so you can HELP them "believe in me" you plead.. *inspo - 80's synthpop babbyy HELLYA]
Track Name: In Dreams
i can see you hunting me
know the path and i know the streets
i need to hide, i feel the sunlight

find me here and you burn me down
bury me in some southern town
i cant believe that i have lost the fight

help me leave this earthly world
show me how your wurly twurly
mind can radiate so much light

in dreams i hope you hear me cryin out, im cryin out
it seems im trapped inside of my head
in dreams i feel you watchin me, you're watching me too
it seems like im already dead

lost but now found
how did it happen this way

in dreams im alone
it seems youre not there
in dreams i need your help
it seems you dont care

dont amaze yourself
i cant find the light
i need respite

[from the perspective of this lost friend, this friend who's awfully frightened.. can't seem to trust anyone at this juncture.. fear envelopes them fully... but suddenly... *inspo - Acceptance from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and of course In Dreams by Roy Orbison]
Track Name: Lucid Dream Dancing
[suddenly LIGHT! suddenly a dance floor.. suddenly a four to the floor begins to thump from all around you and this unnamed friend.. you're in control.. you can move, you can do what you like, its a dream and YOU'RE in control... but gaining this control has only made you realize one thing: throughout this journey, you've come to understand that while you ARE now in control, you're ready to lose yourself to the beat... *inspo - dance music again, nothing in particular i can think of with this one]
Track Name: Goodbye Dream Land/Good Morning!
justify the light
dont be afraid of night
hold on to life as i
hold on to you

let me sleep some more
hear my grateful snore
fall come to the wise
shut those eyes

goodbye dream land
oh thanks for coming
i know i'll see you soon
bye bye dream land

goodbye dream land
oh thanks for stopping by
i just cant wait for
tomorrow night

look into the sky
see the bright moonlight
love the way that i
close my eyes

waking is a bore
wish i could afford
to dream for life but i
must arise
thank you
for coming to dream land
with me!
i had a lot of fun..
i hope you did too :]
the best thing about dream land..
is you can always come back
and please do come back!
it was nice getting to know you...
see you later!

[You're nearly awake! It's the end of the night! REM achieved, you're grateful! You're ever so grateful!!! As am I.. thank you for joining me on this wonderous journey, I hope it was... well the lyrics already say it all!! Thank you thank you!! Moonhead album coming soon, probably.. *inspo - Gay Parade outro by of Montreal really gave me the idea of the reprise]